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About EventKickstart.

Our Goal

To help you hire the perfect pros for any type of event, and to connect qualified local vendors to customers.

EventKickstart Founder

Amit Sarkar  |  CEO

Our Story

EventKickstart was born when the founder witnessed first hand the frustration of hiring the right event professionals for multiple personal and small corporate events he hosted. For every event he spent countless hours of searching, calling and negotiating with vendors. There had to be an easier way to find event professionals who were available on the event day, qualified, and within budget.

The number of options available also made him realize event professionals needed a better way to reach their target customers. Competition and the cost of advertising in traditional search sites are continually rising. The only way to solve both of these problems was to break away from the traditional search model. EventKickstart was designed to be a win-win for everyone. Event host sets a budget and date for the event, and let available vendors bring their proposals on the table. In a few minutes you are ready for your event with the right venue, professionals, budget and no sweat!

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Whether you want to book a fantastic event pro or boost your own business, EventKickstart is here to help.

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